The forests with tropical climate open a door to mankind with endless beauty waiting to be discovered. In these virgin forests, there are tightly spaced green trees stretching to the sky, the plants in calm water beds that we hear softly and different species of animals, plants and fruits that we have never seen before. These forests have a completely different charm that draws people into themselves as you approach them.

Type: Paper Back + Vinyl Coated

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This collection of wallpapers come in 106cm X 15,6 m: 16,5 m² rolls. Please use the above calculator to enter your wall’s dimensions and we will calculate the minimum number of rolls you would need to order. All you need to do is add it to your cart after calculation. Please beware that this is a 0 waste calculation so depending on how the wallpaper is applied, you might need more.
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9901-3 - Akiwalls - Wallpaper
Sale price $22.50
-10% Regular price $25.00