Blooming flowers inspiration, delicate and rich classical ornaments of a cozy and well established home and living space - this is the kind of wallcoverings that are contained by the KALINKA catalog. The inspiration is, of course, the Russian decorative art, goblen style and its fabric texture.

Type: NonWoven + Vinyl Coated + Deep Emboss

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All standard wallpapers come in 106cm X 10 m: 10,6 m² rolls. Please use the above calculator to enter your wall’s dimensions and we will calculate the minimum number of rolls you would need to order. All you need to do is add it to your cart after calculation. Please beware that this is a 0 waste calculation so depending on how the wallpaper is applied, you might need more.
Products we have in stock will be shipped out in 2-3 days. There may obviously be delays, but we assure you that we will look after your order, and get it to you safely! Please note that we estimate a 10-12 days delivery schedule for EU, Russia, Middle East and Asia, also 14-18 days for US & Canada in good faith, as the majority of our deliveries are within this timescale. Know that we will process your order immediately as soon as we receive it from you.
5808-3 - Akiwalls - Wallpaper
Sale price $22.50
-10% Regular price $25.00